Winter maintenance

More Lottie than Log

With launching due on April 16, work has been focussed more on Lottie than on the Log.  This so far mostly means working below the waterline, turning this (before) to this (after):


Rudder at end of season


Rudder after Fertan and Primocon

All the steel below the water line has been wire brushed back to steel/rust, coated with Fertan rust converter and is now in process of getting 5 coats of Primocon.  The ballast keel also been similarly treated (though not stripped right back to bare metal).


Bilge keel after wire brushing and treatment with Fertan rust converter

In the forecabin, ceiling boards have been shaped (6mm WBP ply) to line under the foredeck with vinyl.  The old locker floors have been offered up and reduced in size ready for new teak faced underdeck locker fronts to be made.


Underdeck locker floor offered up for resizing. Ceiling boards under foredeck propped in place

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