trident no1

Trident No 1: Eric White at helm

The Marcon Trident 24 was designed by Alan F Hill, one of Britain’s most prolific and innovative yacht designers. The first Trident (Number 1 called Trident) was launched in 1960 and around 250 were moulded by Marine Construction (Marcon), the company founded by the Trident’s builder Eric White.

lines drawing inverted

The lines of the Trident

The Trident was Marcon’s first cruiser and, as builder and designer, Eric and Alan went on to develop the Sabre, Cutlass, Striker, Tomahawk, Claymore and Halerberdier.  Marcon also moulded Peter Brett’s Rival yachts and Fred Parker’s Javelin.  [Click on thumbnails to see full images]

Trident 24 Specification
Lottie‘s history
Trident brochures

rebel on wind

Lottie’s sister ship Rebel (Number 10) beating across Hayling Bay

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