Aft lockers

Hinging the locker lids

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Finally got the aft locker lids hinged in 2010 after hearing frightening tales of Tridents losing theirs overboard (they don’t float!). We used the Howard Orrom technique as pioneered on his Trident Resolution: threaded plates inside the lid clamping it between the plate and hinge.  At least we did for three quarters of the job.  Four plates were made at home to suit but only three could be found when we actually came to fit them so one hinge uses nuts and washers which also seems to work fine so far. The lid of Lottie’s gas bottle box can be seen in the pictures above.

To do
The aft hatch handles need replacing – like much of Lottie‘s exterior woodwork when we took her over, they have been worn thin by over-enthusiastic scrubbing over the years (not by us).  With the lids hinged outboard, a handle in the centre of the hatch does not make much sense. Its just something else to trip over.  In fact hinged hatches hardly need handles at all.  As the non-slip textured surface on one hatch cover is badly damaged, the next step is probably to remove the handles altogether, fill in the central handle depression and cover the lids with Trakmark or similar.