Refitting the forecabin


Forecabin makeover

  • Water penetrating  had caused some delamination of the foc’sle bulkhead. This was repaired  (see here).
  • The forecabin was then repainted with white gloss paint.
  • The hull alongside the bunks was lined with foam-backed vinyl.
  • A 12mm teak-faced ply false bulkhead was attached to the chain locker half bulkhead.
  • A removable hatch was cut into the ply bulkhead to allow access to the chain locker.
  • New 4″ bunk cushions were made.
  • Underdeck lockers were replaced.
  • Lee cloths were installed for grandchildren
  • A removable storage shelf was installed under the foredeck
  • Slats were fitted to the bunksides so the floor could be lifted up for an infill cushion
  • The grp coachroof was lined with foam-backed vinyl and two 6mm ply boards covered in vinyl were fixed under the foredeck
  • The foc’sle cabin sole was replaced with my own special (i.e. cheap) striped floorboarding
  • The doorway was lined with an 18mm hockey-stick vinyl strip glued into place with special adhesive
  • 10mm half-round aluminium was curved and screwed into the bottom of the doorway liner to protect the vinyl  (and cover the join)

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